Paul Anderson

PAUL ANDERSON is a director at Manna Consulting.

Paul was born in East Africa, schooled in the UK where he gained a BSc (Honours) in Agriculture at Edinburgh University and then worked on the family farm in Scotland for three years. He came back to Africa in 1990 and has worked for Scripture Union in Zimbabwe for twelve years, being the Western Region Director, National Fundraiser and filling the post of Acting National Director for one year. During this time he learnt first-hand about HIV/AIDS prevention programming and was instrumental in setting up a National Street Children’s programme in Scripture Union. He also fundraised for programming expenses, vehicles, properties and a campsite.

In 2002 Paul embarked on Fundraising and Development consulting in the non-profit sector in Zimbabwe raising funds and providing consultancy support for several AIDS related and development organisations.

In 2007, Paul moved to Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa and formed Manna Consulting with his wife, Sylvia. They have provided consultancy services as described above to NGOs in South Africa, the UK, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

In 2011 Paul received a Masters Degree – MA International Development from Eastern University, PA. USA.

In 2015 Paul became an adjunct lecturer in Strategic Planning and Change Management as well as Leadership & Organisational Dynamics for the Masters Programme of Eastern University, PA. USA.

Paul is a member of The South African Institute of Fundraisers. Through his work, experiences and travel Paul has a wide understanding of Southern Africa and the developmental challenges facing these countries and communities. Paul has a deep desire to build the capacity and sustainability of organisations so that they in turn can empower the people they seek to serve.

Paul has great admiration for the people ‘on the ground’ in difficult circumstances who are trying to make a difference where they are. He appreciates the opportunities he receives to empower and guide them to be more effective in their work and to partner them with those who can provide assistance.